About us

In Early Start Montessori school, We do not rush children, we honor them by giving them time and space to develop their inherent skills

In their unique way, just as the name imply, we believe in early childhood education for children. A practical environment equipped with state of the art facilities designed to promote physical, moral, social and spiritual development is what we offer

The fundamental purpose of Early Start is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

What makes us different?

Our Approach is thoughtful and balanced, it is also developmentally appropriate and based on best practices, such practices are British Jolly phonics, Montessori practise and Nigeria Basic Education. We are inspired by a variety of philosophy and other approaches which we blend together into a program that reflects our commitment to helping children lay the best possible social, emotional, physical and cognitive foundations

We nurture and challenge, support and encourage listen and engaged, we care about what children think, how they feel and what they want to say about their world, We are dedicated to providing children with a rich and stimulating environment that support their growth In every way


Early Start staff is the heart of our school teachers are committed to their individual and collective professional growth collaborating with each other in order to deliver a seamless and integrated program that reaches from classroom leaning spaces

Why Early Start

Convenient Environment

Our school environment is the best when it comes to comfortability

Awesome Teachers

Our staff is the heart of our school, teachers are committed to their individual and collective professional growth collaborating with each other...

Smart Classes

Is very important make sure that the environment in which students stay to learn it's very conducive

School Programmes

Let your kids experience social life and sport to keep them fit

Summer Coaches & Parent Conferences

We have skillful summer coaches in Academic, Art & Craft, Music, Bakery & outdoor/ indoor games

What makes our youth gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.

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